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Together we go for your goal, I help you through photography & promotion!

Coming up with creative ideas together, owning a drone, traveling with a camper,
with the aim of achieving a beautiful result for yourself or your; brands/company/products by sharing and tagging on my website & Instagram,
9 years of experience
, shoots abroad, with original and authentic ideas we aim for beautiful results!





While traveling I stand up for your photos the most beautiful places, with my SLR cameras, analog cameras and drone I travel (with my vintage camper)

through Europe, looking for the most beautiful locations to take high-quality photosfeathers.

A shoot (portrait/business/restaurant etc.), drone shots,company/brand,one togetheroperation, tell me and I will see if we can work on your pcan achieve!


Iturning ideas into professional photographic images. Together we discuss how we want the image to be conveyed,

Whether it concerns you or a product/company/brand, we will strive for a great result together!

As a client you also have a large part of the control yourself, since after the shoot itself (via an online gallery)can select the photos.


Creative, storytelling, retro, lifestyle, soft colors and an edge of vintage is how I can best describe my photography and drone images.

Outside or inside, natural light or flash in all kinds of ways, I enjoy creating personal & deliver creative photos according to the customer's wishes.

We discuss the ideas and wishes in advance, so that the results match!


I have been working as a photographer for 9 years now, I have an average of 15 to 20 assignments per month. In addition, I only accept assignments that suit me.

I work with 2 Nikon cameras, a DJI 3 Pro, and an analog camera Nikon FE2. I edit my work in Photoshop & Lightroom.

I have been able to photograph for various clients, from hotels, b&b's, restaurants, to weddings, portraits, business shoots, brands, products, etc.

On my website A lot of this can also be seen in my blogs.



Photographerontheroad helps you with photography and drone images to put yourself, the company, product or brand in the spotlight through photography and sharing the shoot on social media. I will carry out my assignments from the location where I am. After discussing the collaboration, you can come up with a concept with me, which I will carry out for you. You will receive the number of agreed photos + drone images.


Will we be working together soon? Do you have any questions or are you curious? Mardiefotografie/Photographerontheroad has to offer and you are looking for a photographer who thinks along and helps with your wishes! Please let me know, send me a message with your question and ideas and I will respond as soon as possible.





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