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About me... 

A photographer & blogger on the road, that's what I am but who I am. A down-to-earth Zeeland girl, raised on a beautiful farm with my brothers and sister and dear parents! I discovered early on that I found it interesting to start something that was completely my own, so that no one had anything to say about my 'freedom'... so it happened, at the age of 21 I started my own company as photographer under the name Mardiefotografie

An exciting step for someone who is only 21, but it still felt good and I had to do it! My dream was to make a living from this and I succeeded, but then a new dream came... 
A camper and traveling photography! Well first that camper, that was a plan where I thought I would immediately start traveling 2 months after purchasing... unfortunately this was not how it went at all! haha

First had the motor repaired, then it broke at least five times and after renovating the inside, purchasing solar panels, batteries, inverters, a shower, etc., I will make my first trip of 2.5 months in 2024!


Then I had to think about how I could still earn money along the way... but not necessarily with a temporary job or something loose. There had to be a plan to generate another way of income... 
That is this website full of information and fun blogs to read about my travels, photography tips, how and what kind of purchases for a trip, must-haves, photos that you can have printed, etc. 

In fact, there is a lot to find that you may have been looking for for a long time, or that one push to take the step to live as a 'digital nomad'!

So I'm a huge genius for lifeter, working dreamer            and flyer in life, traveling around in a

 Mercedes 307D camper from 1979, very curious about everything... 
I love going on adventures with my camera and taking the most beautiful pictures!

Along the way I stop at the most beautiful places and go out and photograph companies/private individuals/families/
couples/portraits/weddings etc. 
You can also find me at locations and if my easel with the Mardie Photography sign is outside, you can contact me on location and I can see what I can do for you! 

In addition to photography, I love sharing information with you here on my website about my travels. If you still have doubts about combining travel and work and perhaps just chat about it with your questions, you can always chat/message. !

About Photographerontheroad

Photographerontheroad was created when I realized that in addition to my photography, I really love writing and blogging... and this is also a great combination! 
Photography, promoting products and helping other people and showing them why to invest in something.
Dream away with your laptop in a bar in the sun while you come up with and write the best new blogs. 

Photographerontheroad gives you all kinds of information about traveling, pros and cons, beautiful locations, photography information, useful items to take with you during your trip, discount, do's & dont's and in addition the Instagram account is for following my travel stories and of course also the photos I take while traveling and in more detail here in the blogs to read!

Mardiefotografie & Photographerontheroad is actually a combination of two different companies that work together.

Do you want me books This is certainly possible, just check the

front page where I am and send me a message! 




When I started combining traveling and working, I discovered that there was a lot of information available, but taking the step was actually a bit more exciting than expected... 
"Organizing, an old camper, garage visits, locks, solar panels, electricity, making money on the road, renovating a camper for 2.5 years, ANWB, what if..., too good to be worth it."

These are many moments I experienced before I left!

You don't want it to be disappointing or to feel like you're failing from the first week. That is why it is important to be well prepared. With work that you can do remotely and perhaps another job that you can do! 

It is the main reason why I started Photographerontheroad. I work together with various private individuals, websites, companies and products. 

For this purpose, I can, for example, promote campsites/hotels/hikes/brands/products on my Instagram account, or I can photograph brands/clothing/jewelry/products etc. that you send me and also promote it on my IInstagram and websites.

By means of Mardie photography & Photographerontheroad,

I travel around Europe. Working to deliver beautiful results for your requests in an online gallery.

This is me

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